2013-9-6 Nate and Boys Exploring Sequoia Park2013-9-28 Christmas PIcs at River that Leighann took2013-9-27 Silas and Ezra PIcs2013-8-9 Micah's2BdayandMrotzekVisit2013-8-5 John andNatty FamilyPics2013-8-10 Cousins PIcs2013-7-9 Parks Visit:Park Portraits2013-6-4 Gideon 8 mos2013-6-2 Boys at Home2013-5-7 Early Beekeeping2013-5-4 Family Hike behind Shamus2013-5-3 Gideon 7mos2013-5-12 Mother's Day2013-4-22 Gideon Sink Bath2013-4 Kitchen "Before"2013-3-31 Easter2013-12-25 Christmas2013-12-19 Christmas Boys in Yard2013-04-21 Silas 5 Year and Party2013-03-20 Gideon 6 Mos2013-03-19 Boys2013-03-13 Silas Feeding Gideon2013-03-10 Gideon's Baby Dedication2013-03 Portraits of Boys2013-02-01 Mrotzek Boys2013-02 Gideon 5 mos2013-01-16 Boys Playing2013-01-02 Duck Park with Andrew & Miriam2013-01-01 Roadtrip So Cal