Mrotzek Photography: Blog en-us (C) Mrotzek Photography (Mrotzek Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:31:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:31:00 GMT Mrotzek Photography: Blog 120 80 Little M and Family Sweet little babies...I just love it!  This little man is such a cute chunky monkey.  You gotta love the chubsters, they are way to fun to squeeze.  We keep having the best weather this season for our sessions.   oh my delicious baby thighs!

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Ian & Kelsey's Wedding

I am clearly playing blogging catch up.  Maybe it was the pregnancy and having a newborn, but have I really not blogged since May? Either way, I cannot pass up sharing some of what has happened since then, so hear we go.

Oh my, how blessed I was to get to capture this very special couple's wedding day.  It was a great honor to get to share in their day and even a bigger honor to be trusted by the couple and their family's to document the day for them.  Ian & Kelsey, you are a very amazing couple and it was the time of my life to get to run around having fun with you both on your wedding day! 



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"H" Family This family was the winner of the my facebook drawing for a free sitting fee and I could not have been more thrilled that they won!   Could this family be more picture perfect?  I had a blast running around the dunes with them.  The morning light was delicious and the weather was just warm enough that we could still enjoy ourselves.  Sweet baby H is the sweetest little girl!  Thanks H family for a wonderful time!

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A Family This family is near and dear to me.  I have known this couple since high school before they were together and have now had the joy of watching them date, marry, and have their 1st baby, and now 2nd baby!  Mama A had her new little man only a few weeks after my Gideon was born.  We have both been busy (as most mommies of newborns are) and this was my first time getting to meet baby boy A.  What a sweet little man they have.  And their daughter is just as precious!  

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H Family What a wonderfully warm and delightful Fall afternoon we got to enjoy during this session with a family was just as delightful and wonderful as the afternoon.  Mr. T you crack me up.  I adore 5 year olds and this little Mr. is not lacking in the personality department!  

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Miss I 6 Month Can you believe Miss I is already 6 months old? ...and as I write this I remember now she is much much bigger as I know I will be seeing her shortly to capture her 9 month session.  Where does the time go? :)

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Kapus Family I love getting to photograph the same families again and again.  It is a blast to watch these families grow and change and watch how I grow and change too.  I just love this job.  I think was my 3rd time photographing this lovely family.  The first time was a maternity session.  Now I have gotten to see their little man grow and blossom.  

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Miss C is 6 Months! Why does time fly so fast?  I feel it with my own kids, but also with those I get to photograph multiple times.  I love getting to watch these little ones grow.  We got to play out in the cold cold Humboldt "Summer" and roll around in the early apple harvest.  Even though it was cold and wet, Miss C could have cared less and shared her contagious smile just like she always does.

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K Family This may be the largest formal group that I've ever photographed.  Thankfully they were a wonderful group of people, such good sports at putting up with me too.  This couple had all of their children and grandchildren in town from all over the place for Father's day and thought that it would be a great idea to have these images taken while everyone was in one place.  What a special time for them to remember.

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G Family| Family Portraits Sweet G Family, what a delight to spend a warm and sunny Spring afternoon with you!  I had the pleasure of working with "mama-G" for many years back in the day in my medical office days, and am was thrilled to get to spend some time with her once again.  My heart was filled with so much joy getting to see mama-G with new baby-G and the rest of their adorable family!  Congrats you guys! :)  

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C Family This is sweet little baby Chaya who I photographed as a newborn!  How did she get so big already?  Chaya, you are gorgeous little girl with such an amazing little personality!  This session was a little bit of a combo shoot...some 3 month pictures of Miss Chaya, 2 year pics of Miss Belle, and a few family pics for good measure!  After a sunny week we were hoping for a nice warm morning, but alas, our day came and the sun decided to hide.  We spent a good part of the session toughing the chill at the park, but finally gave up and came inside...either way, the weather could not dampen the spirits of this wonderful family, who I am ever grateful and blessed to call my OWN family!  Congrats you guys on your gorgeous growing family and your sweet little beauties!

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M Family | Maternity Clearly I'm a little bit behind on blogging...ugg.  I never quite seem to stay on top of everything! :)  I had a wonderful time cruising around Old Town Eureka on a gorgeous Spring evening.  It was lovely getting to spend time with such an amazing couple and I am overjoyed I got to help document this special time in their life!  I can't wait to meet who is hiding in that gorgeous belly!

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R Family I had a lovely Saturday morning snapping some pictures of my amazing friends the R-Family.  I just adore the love you can see radiating from them.  It was a freezing cold morning, but they were great sports and still decided to do their best and have fun.  Thanks friends for a great time.





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Chaya Reese Welcome baby Chaya!


I got to spend the morning photographing my dear cousin Stephanie's new baby girl, Chaya Reese.  She is simply amazing.  It is always so incredible to get to remember how tiny newborns are.  Each time in between I seem to forget just how teeny and sweet they are.  What an amazing God to create such an incredible new little person!  She is a sweet little bean and did so well considering that while trying to get her to "relax" she had 3 busy and curious toddlers poking, prodding, and spying helping her.  Welcome baby girl!  I cannot wait to get to see you grow!

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